How to Create a Free Website On Blogger 2020

Want to Create a Free Website On Blogger 2020?

Then You are at the right place Today, I am sharing the Steps by step process of creating the Free Blog in Blogger Platform.

Peoples want to start a blog or a Website but they don’t have enough budget, Blogger is a Very and Best platform to create the free Website.

In Blogger(also known as you don’t need to buy a custom Domain or a Hosting. You just need a Google account and you can create a free website on Blogger.

Peoples want to Start a Blog to Share their Knowledge or to make there Online Presence. But making a Good and Professional Website can make your Budget high. If you give money to the professional website designer then it cost more then $100.

Blogging is a platform in which you can share your knowledge and ideas with the world with the help of the Internet. In the Blogger platform, you don’t need to invest money, you can just sign up with your Gmail account and start creating your Blog or Website.

What is Blogger (Also Known as

Blogger is a platform allowing you to host and build a free website on blogger. It is owned by Google and also managed by Google. It provides free Subdomain to the users who look like (

If you think it is a free platform to create or host a website, then it will have downtime also? Then don’t worry, your website will never have the Downtime. There are thousands of free and Professional Blogger templates to help your website to look more professional.

Features of Blogger

As mentioned above, that this platform is best to create a Free Website On Blogger 2020. Blogger has all the features and tools which help you to create an amazing website on this platform.

Here are some Best Features of the Blogger –

  • Blogger is a product of Google, that by its most trusted platform.
  • Owned and Managed by Google.
  • No Downtime
  • Thousands of Free and Professional Blogger Templates.
  • Customize the Website according to you.
  • No need of custom domain (If you need you can connect it with blogger)
  • Provide free subdomain
  • It can be monetized by Ad Networks.

These are some best features of Blogger and It is the Best platform to create a free website on Blogger.

Create a Free Website On Blogger 2020

Now we will know, How to create a Free website on Blogger. Here Below I have provided the Step By Step Guide and steps which helps you to create a professional and Free website on a Blogger Platform.

Step-1 : Login to Blogger

Go to ““, and then click on a sign in Button and sign in with your Google account an shown in the Screenshot Below. Just Sign in with your Google account, if you don’t have the Google account you can create one just Search “Sign up Google“.

Create free website on blogger

Step-2: Setup your Profile

Once you have Login with your Account, Now you have to Confirm your Blogger Profile. Enter your name or a Name You want to show in the Blogger profile as shown in the image below. Then, Click on Continue to Blogger Button.

free website on blogger

Step-3: Create a Blog

Now Its time to Create a free website on Blogger. Just Click on a Create a Blog Button.

website on blogger

Step-4: Choose the Website tittle and Domain name

Now you have to choose the Website Tittle and the Address. As I have mentioned above that Blogger provides you free Subdomain for your website. For Example –

If You website in on Technology Niche then You Site title links Technical Tips or Techno tips Daily and your website address will be linked ( You will get a free subdomain with the free website on blogger.

As you have to get a free Subdomain, it should be unique by its name and Address. It’s free but you will get the Blogspot Domain with it. If you need to connect your custom domain, then this feature is also available on the Blogger, and If you want to Know How to Connect the custom Domain in the Blogger then Comment on the Comment Section below, I will Create separate Post for this.

Website address but we unique, and you should also search for the custom domain with your website name if it’s available then registered it or you can register it afterward.

If your domain name will now we Unique it will Not show the Bluetick at the right side of the Address Bar.

Now you have to Choose your Website template, there are many website templates available in the Blogger itself or You can Download the Customer Blogger Templates.

Create a new blog

Complete these Following Steps as Shown in Image Above –

  1. Enter You Website title
  2. Enter your Website Address
  3. Choose Your Website Theme
  4. Click on Create Blog

Step-5: Start Your Blogging

After completing these Four Steps, You have successfully created your first website. Now its Yours, and Now You can start Posting the Blogs and posts on your website.

Click on a New Post Button to Create your First Post on your website. Your Blogger Dashboard will Look like as shown in the Image Below.

Step-6: Visit Your Website

You have successfully created your First website. Now you want to See your website, Just Click on the View Blog Link On the Top Left Corner Side on the Blogger Dashboard or Just Paste your Blog address on the Address Bar of the Browser and Press Enter. Your Website will be in front of your eyes.

first website on Blogger

Functions and Options Of Blogger Dashboard

Now we will learn about the working and Features of the Blogger Dashboard. On the Left Side of the Screen, You will find the Different Options which will help you to manage your website design and Functions.

blogger dashboard

Here are the Menu items you will find on the Blogger Dashboard menu-

  • Posts
  • Stats
  • Comments
  • Earnings
  • Pages
  • Layout
  • Theme
  • Settings

Now we will See all the Working of these Options.

1. Posts

In this Option, You will find your all posts, which you have published on your website. If You want to publish a Post on your website then you need to click this Option and then Click on the New Post Button.

2. Stats

If you want to know about the number of Visit on your Blog then this option will help you. In this Option, You will Find about the Visitor of your website. The Brief report about your visitor location, Keywords, and Post Visited will be given in this Option.

blogger stats


In this Option, you will see all the comment which are given by the Users or the Visitors on Your posts or on your Blog.

4. Earnings

If you want to Earn Money from your Blog or website, then this option will help you. You can earn money from a free website on blogger. When Your website will be eligible to Show Adsense ads on your website. The Sign-Up Button will Visible and You can apply for the Google Adsense.

5. Pages

This is also an important feature of the Blogger, If you want to create a page in your website Like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, then this option will help you.

blogger pages

6. Layouts

If you want to change your website designs and other website options, then this option will help you. This option shows the Layout of your website design. You can also add different widgets in your website with the Help of this Layout Option.

blogger layout

7. Theme

This option helps you to change the theme of your website. by the Help of this option, you can change the theme of your Blogger website and You can also customize the colors of the Theme of the free website on blogger website.

blogger theme

8. Setting

This is the Most important option of the Blogger website. In this option, you will all the important setting which will help you to make your website more attractive and easily can be found on google.

blogger setting

Publish Post or Blog On Your website

After creating the Website, Now its time to Publish Post and Blogs in Your website. To post on a website Go to Post Option and Click On it. You will get a New Dashboard as Show in Image Below. Now you can Write your Blog or Post, and To Publish it, Just click on a Publish Button Given on a Top Right Side.

blogger post

In the Post, You will get Different Options of editing you post content like Headings, Text Styles, Text Colors, Emoji, Video, Images, etc.

How to Set a Permalink Structure of a Post in Blogger?

Permalink is a Permanent and Unique address of a Website or a Post. Blogger has provided the option to change your post permalink according to your choice.

There are two types of Options available in Blogger to Change the Permalinks.

1. Automatic Permalink – In this Option, the permalink of the post is by default set by the Blogger. The Permalink of the Post has Generated automatically it will put the Post Heading as your Permalink.

blogger permalink

2. Custom permalink – In this option, you can choose or you can set your Desired permalink but there are certain conditions, you need to put a hyphen(-) after every word and you have to set all lowercase words in the Permalink as shown in the image below.

blogger customer permalink

How to Insert Images in Blogger Post?

Now we have written the content on the Post. To add the image in the Blog post Follow the Rules below –

  • Just click on the Image Icon on the Toolbar as Shown in image below
insert image in Blog post
  • Now Click on the Choose Files Button
insert image in a blogger post
  • Select the Image You want to insert
  • Now Click on the Add Selected Button
  • Your image will be Inserted

Add Favicon in the Blogger Website

Favicon is a Small Icon that represents the Icon of your website. It will be shown on the Left Side when you visit your website in any browser. To set Favicon just Go To Layout >> Favicon. Click on the Edit and choose the Square image of less than 100kb as shown in the image below.

blogger favicon

Follow these steps to add Favicon in Blogger website –

  • Click on Layout
  • Then, Click Favicon >> Edit, as shown in image above
  • Click on Choose File Button, and select square image less than 100 KB
  • Now Click on Save Button

Add Gadgets to Your Blogger Website

Blogger Platform also provides some Gadgets Which make your free website on blogger look more attractive and include extra features in your Blogger website. We have created a free website on Blogger. Now its time to customize it.

Follow these steps to Add Gadgets to Your Blogger website –

  1. Click on Layout
  2. Choose the Place on your website where you want to add a gadget and Click on Add a Gadget Option
  3. Choose Gadgets from the List, in Blogger Platform there are 26 Gadgets Available including Html/Javascript, Adsense, Labels and Contact Form.
  4. Now Click on + Button
  5. Now to can choose the function of the Gadget you have selected and then click on Save Button.
blogger gadgets

How to Check Traffic of your Blogger website?

To check the real-time Visitor status of your Free website on blogger, then Check it on Stats Option. You will find Traffic Source, Audience, Keyword Searched for your Visitor on your Blogger website. Here You will find the Pages, Post which is getting more traffic and this will help you in boosting your organic traffic on your website.

blogger traffic

More Features of Blogger Platform

There are more and amazing features of the Blogger platform which will help you in increasing the Online presence of your Blogger website.

Here are some more feature of Blogger website –

Custom Robots.txt

Robots.txt is a file that helps the search engine crawlers to Crawl your website data and Post it on Google. If you are a New User of the Blogger platform, then this is a very important part of the website. A free website on Blogger will help you to share your knowledge and idea with the users.

To set robot.txt in your Blogger website Follow these steps –

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Choose Settings >> Search Preferences
  4. Scroll Down and Click On Robots.txt
  5. Then Click On Enable and Paste the Code Given Below in the Box
  6. Now Click On Save Changes Button.
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
Sitemap: https://www.yourwebsiteaddress/sitemap.xml
blogger robots.txt

Custom Robots Header tags

There are also important features of Blogger. To make Search Engine Crawlers Access to your Website, you have to enable the options ins Customer Robots Header Tags.

Follow the Steps Below To Edit Cutomm Robots Header tags Settings –

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Now Choose Settings >> Search Preferences
  4. Click on Custom Robots Headers tags and Click Enable
  5. Tick the Options as Shown in the image below
  6. Click on Save Changes Button
blogger Custom robots header tags


This option Helps you to Edit HTML of your Blogger Free Website Template. I f you need to add some code like Adsense Code or any Search Console Verification code then this Option will help you out.

Follow these steps to Edit HTML of the Blogger Website –

  1. Click On Theme
  2. Click on 3 dots on the Right Corner side
  3. Click on a Edit HTML option
  4. Now you will see HTML coding of your website
  5. Edit HTML Coding and then Click on Save Button Given Below
blogger edit html

Custom Domain

Blogger platform gives you the Subdomain that is, you can use it. If you want to purchase a custom domain or you have a custom domain, then you can also add it to your Blogger website. If you want to know how to add custom domain in Blogger you can comment on a comment section below. You will find your domain name in Settings >> Basic.

blogger subdomain

Earn Money From Your Blogger Website

Now we have completed the website on Blogger and behave perfectly created a free website on Blogger. You can also earn money from your website. You just need to activate AdSense sign up button after some time. Then you can sign up with Adsense and after approving you can show the Ads on your website by which you can earn money from Adsense.

blogger adsense

So Friends, Now we learned about How to Create a Free website on Blogger. I have provided all the information which is necessary.

FAQ related to Blogger Website

Does Free Website on Blogger get Down?

No, Website on Blogger Platform doesn’t get down because these websites are hosted on the Goggle Server, As we know google server is very powerful and 24X7 active.

Can I earn Money from Blogger website?

Yes, You can earn money from your blogger website. Just monetize it will different Ad networks like Google Adsense, etc.

From where I can download Blogger templates?

There are many famous Blogger templates website like Sora templates, Templatesyard, etc. You can download free and Premium both blogger website from these websites.

Which is a Best Blogger Template?

Receipee is a Best Blogger template. I have uses this Blogger templates in my Blogger websites.

Final Words

All about the Free website on Blogger. Here I have provided all the Images and the Step by step process of creating the Beautifull Free website on Blogger. Drop your queries and comments in the Comment section below or you can also Contact Us. Don’t forget to share this article with your Friends or on Social media.

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